Apple’s new conference at the headquarters of the Steve Jobs Theater, the new iPhone8 / iPhone 8 / Plus iPhone X debut, iPhone tenth anniversary special edition is also on schedule, three new machines all use glass back, all support Qi wireless charging, or the same standard as Samsung devices. Yay for harmony .this is the first time Apple use of wireless charging technology for iPhone. But unfortunately, three iPhone packaging are not included within the wireless charger, that is if you want to experience the iPhone8 wireless charging function, you need to buy another wireless charging PADS.

Apple has decided to back to the Qi standard, meaning the new iPhones will work with third-party charging mats, If you are ready to have the iPhone8 and want to experience the wireless charger function, then there are a few points you have to know.

1, What is the Qi standard that new iPhone using?

Qi is the wireless charging Consortium (WPC) introduced the wireless charging standard, an organization that develops industry standards,the use of electromagnetic induction technology, in the wireless charging base and the mobile terminal were placed transmitter and receiver coils, through the transmission coil to produce periodic changes in the magnetic field, receiving coil feel magnetic field changes to produce Current, therefore, Qi wireless charging mainly for point to point charging, that is, a transmitter coil corresponding to a receiver coil.

2, AirPower can charge multiple devices at the same time how it works?

Qi wireless charging standard wireless charging base can only charge a device at the same time, while the Apple live display of the wireless charging base AirPower can also charge for the three devices at the same time, how is this going? Is not the Qi standard? Of course, it is, but Apple’s official launch of the wireless charging base built a number of coils, like the following:

This solves the problem of charging multiple devices at the same time, but also solve the problem of charging need to find the location:

3, the speed of wireless charging fast? How much power is it?

WPC is mainly for the maximum power of 15W low-power applications to develop industry standards, although the current part of the Qi wireless charging base has been able to do more than 10W of output power, according to the industry broke the news of three new iPhone wireless charging power is 7.5 W.

4, wireless charging base will use a Lightning power supply?

Previously has been forecasts iPhone8 will come with USB-C interface, but it is just a rumor. The new iPhone will still use the Lightning interface, and the wireless charging Pad will also use Lightning input.

Considering the AirPower 5V / 3A power supply, and the previous USB-A to Lightning data cable only supports 5V / 2.4A power supply, which means that Apple will upgrade the Lightning data cable to support updated current.

With the iPhone X supporting the same Qi wireless charging standard as the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, which means you will be able to use third-party charging accessories. its own AirPower wireless charging mat coming next year.

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