10w Fast wireless charger ultra-thin Pad

Wireless charger samsung pad keeping your electronic devices charged and ready to go has never been easier. Just connect your charger to the station and set phones on the wireless charging surface.

If you have the S8 you must need this wireless charger as this is very convenient to have, especially at work or near your bed table.

samsung wireless charger

It is thinner than S7 Active, and unlike other wireless chargers you have used in the past, the range seems to be much better with this one. Normally you have had to carefully align the phone perfectly centered or it wouldn’t charge. With this, you can basically plop the phone down anywhere on the charging base and it will begin to charge.Samsung wireless charging pad

Do not require you to meticulously look for that ‘sweet spot’ that charges your phone. you can easily put your phone onto this fast wireless charger and walk away.

Works perfectly, as it should and takes up very little space.

It also supports the fast charge, which is a must. It has a rubber sealed bottom to eliminate slipping on whatever surface you place it on.

fast wireless charger 10w

It’s lightweight, as to pick up and take with you.

Let’s check the basic specification as blow:

  • Input: DC 5V / 2A or 9V / 1.67A
    • Output: DC 5V / 1A (Max. 5V / 1.2A)
    DC 9V / 1A (Max. 9V / 1.1A)
    • Charging Efficiency: 75-80%
    • Charging Distance: 0.5-8.0mm
    • Material: PC+ABS
    • Thickness: 3.49mm
    • Diameter: 69mm
    • Color: Black、 White
    (Customization Available)

What’s different with others wireless charger pad?

  • Ultra-thin

  • Fast-charging

  • Light-weight

  • Low charging temperature

  • Shockproof

  • Tri-proof

    samsung wireless chargerWorks directly with Qi-Enable Device.

What’s the best is you can have your own design with our module which is the smallest Tx module in today’s market compliant with Qi standard, supports various power ranges- 5Ma-300Ma.

YOGEE is ready to support your custom PCB and coil solutions now.


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